Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hi there,
About a year and a half ago, I got the feeling that I wanted to do something to help people. I'm  not wealthy, and the hoops they make you go through to start a non-profit make it a daunting task for just one person. As a rider, I attend charity events for fallen rider, good causes and sick children. I realized that, if every rider in the United States attended just ONE event per year for a good cause, one that they would not normally have attended, the extra amount raised could be well over 25 million per year! And thus, GiveToRide.org was born!

I'm not here to ask you for money. It's your money, you work hard for it, you should do with it as you please. But I will encourage you to add one poker run, one charity event, one bikini bike wash, ANYTHING, to your riding schedule this season. Poker runs can be a blast, even if you don't know the person it's being held for. Meet some new friends, get some extra miles on those tires, scrape a little tread off your boots. Have fun with it. It's a lifestyle, make sure you put some life into it.

I'll be posting upcoming events on this blog, national charity functions, and even local poker runs, if I have enough notice. Please let your friends know about Give To Ride. Also, we have a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/givetoride, please give us a like.

Thanks, and remember; Give To Ride, Ride To Give!